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Our Partners


Superguys Security Solutions


Superguys is a young company with a new mindset that supports the transformation of Africa. It represents black entrepreneurs operating within the classified group identified as a small, micro and medium enterprise. Superguys was founded in 2006 as a result of a need for black economic empowerment in an industry where previously disadvantaged were poorly represented.



Graduates Trading Services 


Graduates Trading Services cc is a registered company in South Africa with services ranging from electrical  contracting, power lines construction and provision of Energy Saving Products.



Design Essence 

Design_EssenceDesign Essence (DE) is an African-Renaissance-orientated entity whose aim is to become one of the premier design and marketing solutions companies in South Africa. With our inspiration drawn from the rich and diverse textures; both organic and angular forms; ambience of the South African terrain through to the cultural diversity of its people.



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