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Services Overview


Website design is the act of designing and laying out a web page or web application. It refers to the graphical side of web development using images, CSS and XHTML. We believe that a website is a business tool that is used for communication instead of being just a simple online catalogue or brochure. A website is a cost-effective way of increasing your visibility, with 24/7/365 access, and not just locally but globally.

At Ndabezitha IT Solutions, the steps in website design incorporate the aspect of creating your website to serve as an online identity to reflect a consistent and cohesive corporate image. We also focus the website design to integrate the overall objective of your company’s marketing strategy. 

Website development is the process following website design, the act of unifying the web pages technically through coding methods and online testing. Our web developers take careful steps in website development to reach the destination of Ndabezitha IT Solutions' promise; a website that works. 

Reliable and fast web site hosting and email services are the backbone of a successful on-line presence and critical to business success. We know the criticality of email in the workplace. We experience the importance of a web site's availability every day. We understand the importance of addressing issues immediately for our clients and we succeed in providing a superior service to our clients as evidenced in our client service appraisals.

We have worked hard in the last three years to source and maintain the fastest and most reliable servers in the best data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town to ensure our customers enjoy a superior hosting solution. 

Effective IT Support is achieved through supplying tried and tested technologies that fit your business. We know that businesses are constantly challenged by the task of managing the demands of growing their business while coping with continuous technology challenges.

Our focus is to keep your systems (computers, printers, networks, etc.) operational and available so that you can focus your efforts on growing your business, managing costs and increasing revenues. We want to help you realize the productivity gains and ROI you have been expecting from your IT systems.

Ndabezitha IT Solutions provides affordable & proactive IT management and support to growing businesses.
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